Utility Operator:
Position: Utility Operator

Description: This general-purpose operator shall perform
numerous tasks used in the manufacturing of printed circuit
board and hybrid circuit assemblies. These shall include but not
be limited to:
 1. Stamping of final assemblies using a Markem Manual
 2. Gross and Fine Leak Testing of sealed assemblies
 3. One-shot and Seam welding of small electronic units
 4. Testing of Electronic parts using automatic test equipment
 5. Encapsulation of printed circuit board assemblies prior to
 6. Solder sealing of printed circuit assemblies.
 7. Minor plant maintenance

Skill Requirements: Familiarity of soldering, stamping, general
manufacturing and ability to read instruction manuals and

Physical Requirements: Good eyesight and hand coordination.

Experience Requirements: Preference to experienced
manufacturing operators with at least two years of
manufacturing work.

On the Job Training: Available